Uber Income 2015


Uber Income 2015

I was UberExec and also rented Mercedes to Uber drivers. Driving with Addison Lee or Uber is no longer viable.


All the Uber statements are the payments from Uber due after commission in 2015. The exception is the tweeted gross summary underneath the statements. That was taken from my second month at Uber in 2014. I was an Uber partner for exactly 1 year – my hire and reward insurance was for a term of 1 year – and I also rented Mercedes E class to Uber drivers for that period.

I returned to Addison Lee after my Uber gap year late 2015 and I left the London minicab industry for good back on 14th April 2016 due to a collapse in earnings of 50%.

A time when private hire drivers could earn a living.

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Jonny HoareauPosted on1:03 pm - May 24, 2019

FIRSTLY I MUST STRESS (I don’t know everything).

Kapten are in town. They are doing the same deal as Uber did once and they pay you congestion for 2019 joint BMW and DAIMLER business already bigger and more popular in Europe than Uber.

Okay only 6 months of that chestnut, but that means drivers can go into London and do more jobs in London and get congestion paid while using a ulez exempt car… They also pay £20 peak hours extra and £10 extra off peak hours. The deal closes today, so If anyone don’t know then they have missed out but there are more bonuses to come.

Within saying this I do like the work you have done here and appreciate your advise. Cabbieoo7 Youtube video lead me here.

Thank you!


Cab4NowPosted on2:13 pm - Jun 2, 2019

Thanks for your thoughts Jonny.

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