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The founder of Cab4Now.com left the London minicab industry for good back on 14th April 2016 and will not return. It has changed beyond all recognition since he first drove a London minicab – a Ford Cortina Mark 5 – as an owner driver in 1985.

Technology has driven prices down so far that it is no longer viable to drive a minicab with Uber or Addison Lee as a self employed person if you do not wish to claim benefits.

London UberX drivers we have spoken with have family members that are dependent on them either in the UK or overseas. In most cases they are the sole income provider and most receive a variety of benefits. We say most because some were less inclined to share what benefits, if any, they received as a result of their low net income.

Addison Lee drivers are in a similar precarious state. Earnings have collapsed by 50%.

Our founder’s position on this is very simple. If you need benefits to stay self employed then, sadly, your business model has failed and it is time to get a job.

Clearly, though, the growth of Uber shows no signs of slowing. However, in London, the opportunity that Uber and the failed Addison Lee now provides is the very antithesis of self employment. The test of self employment fails in so many areas. Our founder was the first voice to predict the collapse of Addison Lee back on 8th February 2019 in writing at Cab4Now.com. But many years earlier via Twitter. We’ll find the tweets one day. 😉

Research by the UK’s Citizens Advice has suggested that as many as 460,000 people could be falsely classified as self-employed, costing up to £314m a year in lost tax and employer national insurance contributions.

The financial secretary to the UK Treasury, Jane Ellison, announced in October 2016 that HM Revenue and Customs was launching a specialist unit to investigate companies who opt out of giving workers employment protections by using agency staff or calling them self-employed.

This is nothing new as Steve Williams writes in his excellent book Introducing Employment Relations – A Critical Approach. But the scale with which the new on demand “sharing” economy has grown is frightening. Uber has grown by British taxpayers subsidising most of their “self employed” drivers by tax credits.

Uber is a giant corporation pursuing monopoly power and fighting governments the world over. What exactly is being shared here, and in whose interest?

What is explicitly not shared is responsibility. When something goes wrong with Uber, they just say: “It wasn’t me.” (The mega-corporation is purportedly neither buyer nor seller but innocent middleman.)

It was time that the founder of Cab4Now.com stepped aside for a less experienced and less able man. So he did so and returned to his home of 20 years in Malta. He doesn’t miss the commute. 🙂

However, he is sad that his prediction about Addison Lee has come to pass. John Griffin, the founder of Addison Lee, knew that one of the keys to success was happy drivers. Earnings at Addison Lee have now dropped even further since 2016.

January 2019 saw the sale of the UK social marketing division of Cab4Now.com which allowed the launch of Cab4Now Direct as we signed a five year non compete agreement.

Cab4Now Direct was closed in January 2020 due to it never gaining sufficient traction. We still provide the directory pages for our 480 partners that joined Cab4Now Direct but the they are no longer front and centre of Cab4Now.com.

10% commission for our driver partners, fair fares for both riders and partners and a share of  Cab4Now.com for founding partner drivers.

We launched the Cab4Now taxi, private hire and chauffeur booking platform and partner driver registration on Monday 1st June 2020. It was originally to be used exclusively for UK tourists visiting Malta and for the hundreds of requests that John receives personally each year for a taxi, private hire driver or chauffeur.

However, it made sense that with the volume of enquiries Cab4Now.com now receives from past clients and new readers visiting Malta who need a taxi, private hire or chauffeur that we should introduce some select partners.

Every driver partner is vetted personally by the founder of Cab4Now.com. We now offer both on demand and pre bookings.

We also have apps for Android and iPhone to support our clients and driver partners.

It is early days for the next phase of Cab4Now.com but John is keen to build real wealth for all driver partners that choose to register

Cab4Now.com has 30% of the the equity reserved for the driver partners that provide the Cab4Now rides to their clients. A REAL self employed opportunity. Every driver partner will build a business that, ultimately, they will have a share of.

When combined with 10% commission for our driver partners it is a winning combination.

Finally, Chip Mayer Co-founder & CEO, Jane Brown Co-founder & COO, Erika Black Marketing Director and George Mayer Brand Ambassador as you may have guessed are stock photos provided for four positions that will be available to our founding driver partners.

Every website seems to have them these days. So if you register as a driver partner and want to take a deeper dive in to helping build Cab4Now.com then please give John a call.

So, John’s now out of retirement after four years and is standing by for your booking. Ready to rock? We are! And that’s our story… so far. 😉

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