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Why Russell @ArrestingUber will fail

Cab4Now.com Blog+, News, Top News Why Russell @ArrestingUber will fail

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Why Russell @ArrestingUber will fail

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10 thoughts on “Why Russell @ArrestingUber will fail

  1. Are you still only using UberExec and Hailo exclusively as circuits? Any other freelance app based circuits you would recommend?

    Many Thanks


    1. Worth registering at justSPLYT by email to driver@justsplyt.com. Currently at Marble Arch Tower and moving to Heathrow soon.

      Wheely is worth a shot too. It didn’t work for me but I had a video conference with the CEO this week and he listens to driver feedback.

      If you haven’t already joined HailoExec then if you join HailoExec AND justSPLYT I will give you the Hailo referral fee which is currently £100. Mention Cab4Now.com when you join both.

      Finally, if you haven’t joined Uber yet then sign up here and Cab4Now.com will also pay you £75 after you complete your first 10 trips.

      Good luck mate.

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