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CabWave Instant Kerb Bookings

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CabWave Instant Kerb Bookings

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14 thoughts on “CabWave Instant Kerb Bookings

  1. At the moment cabwave* looks like tarted up app with extra terminals for so called app bookings.

    It kind of kicks out clipboard johnies out of street, but who’s running this service? TfL?

    Considering that leading app operators charge 20-25% fee, how much would cabwave with all extra terminals and additional roundels +participating local minicab offices cost?

    Corporate talk of cabwave indeed sounds promising but the figures will strike it out if it’s any good for frontline staff.

    IMHO, … I don’t know real figures anyway, so don’t blame me.

  2. Can you easily take the roundels off for when you’re not working (ie using your car privately, lending your car to someone else, on an as directed job which involves sitting and parking up waiting)?

  3. After more carefull reading, I can see *Cabwave* as a clever corporate trick of TfL to harmonise minicabs with blackcabs via fancy Oyster reader, and furious reactions of taxi drivers are no surprise.

    It took me for example to get PCO license in 3 weeks, while to get a *green badge* it takes from 3-5years of studies. Then enter the trade.

    I clearly understand that a passenger doesn’t give a shait about how did you learn your trade, all they want is to get home as quickly as possible without waiting for their car too long.

    But, I do wonder … How much will it cost to a driver to operate *Cabwave*. I clearly can see London streets clogged up with parked up cars on pavements night and day. Good opportunity for local councils with their parking fines.

    But yeah, this concept will create much more jobs and stiffer competition in taxi and minicab trades driving wages of all participants down.

    Guess it’s a clever call to obtain PHO license to strike middle ground, as it looks both taxi and minicab will be merged via one way or another.

  4. Most regular readers here know that it is my opinion that TfL are not fit for purpose.

    TfL believe CabWave to be a hoax without any investigation and claim they are pursuing lines of enquiry through me.

    TfL are lieing. TfL have not contacted me at any time concerning CabWave.

    This is not surprising because based on counsel’s opinion CabWave is not within their jurisdiction.

    CabWave is live in London now. Let TfL make a case. They won’t. Because there is no case to answer.

    TfL will just continue to lie to the very people who pay their wages. London deserves better.

  5. I see CabWave as innovative and cool service to the travelling public and an extra source of ride job for Licenced PH Drivers. Bring it on CabWave.

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