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As regular readers know I recently left Addison Lee due to a collapse in my earnings of around 50%. However, in a recent protest organised @GMBProDrivers Addison Lee denied that the recently introduced price cuts on fares of 30%+ had adversely affected drivers.

“Despite the number of private hire drivers in the London market increasing by over 50% in the past 2 years, our average driver earnings have increased by 5% compared to this time last year,” said a spokesperson.

The spokesperson goes even further. “We can assure all our clients that our drivers are fairly compensated for their time and service.” Absolute bollocks. Their argument is simply untenable. I doubt anyone believes that self employed Addison Lee drivers would protest if that was the true position.

Addison Lee’s Andy Boland really has gone the extra mile with the power of skewed metrics – or “proofiness” – in an attempt to alter the public’s perception of the recent driver protest at Carlyle’s office in Berkeley Square. The Carlyle Group is the majority shareholder in Addison Lee.

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