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Currently, we remain in legal limbo because Uber may face its own great ‘disruption’. It could be forced to comply with UK workplace rights. If the GMB are successful then this would impact on Addison Lee and force both to pay the minimum wage in full, together with becoming liable for employer’s NICs, pension contributions and other employer responsibilities. The business models of both Addison Lee and Uber would be in tatters overnight.

Might it be possible to craft forms of protection that give greater security to Addison Lee and Uber drivers? It really depends on the unity of London’s private hire drivers. London’s minicab drivers now have two professional bodies. The GMB, a respected trade union and the UPHD, a trade association. Both are run by people that have the best interests of their members at heart. Both have talent. Will they make a difference? It really depends on their membership. There can only be strength in numbers combined with total unity. Perhaps if you are a London minicab driver it might make sense to join one or the other? Or maybe both!

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