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Is Uber competition for the apps that are dedicated to London taxi drivers like Hailo and GetTaxi? Well, Hailo and GetTaxi make a big deal out of “winning back work” for London taxi drivers by which they mean work that has been lost to the most successful London licensed private hire operator app developed for Addison Lee.

Hailo and GetTaxi has decided, quite rightly, as Addison Lee’s success shows, that the customer is king and their clients should not have to pay a penny more than is on the meter, unless they choose to tip the driver. No credit card charge to the customer, no booking fee and 5 minutes free before London taxi drivers can start the meter.

But for all dedicated London taxi driver apps like Hailo and GetTaxi London taxi drivers will not bother with apps when they’re busy. Why should they? Why would London taxi drivers take jobs at 10% off the meter when they can get the full meter fare from a street hail.

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