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California passes landmark gig economy workers’ rights bill

Lawmakers in California have passed a landmark bill that would make it much more difficult for companies such as Uber and Lyft to classify workers as independent contractors rather than employees.

The bill, which paves the way for workers in the so-called gig economy to get holiday and sick pay, has garnered attention across the US and beyond, largely owing to the size of California’s workforce.

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Ford Galaxy: ‘An MPV that wears its brilliance lightly’

“So, the only difference between this car and an Addison Lee,” chortles my neighbour, “is that your car doesn’t have a big white AL sticker in the back window!”

He’s delighted with himself, but I’m nonplussed. How can he be bothered to make such a lame joke and does he think the ubiquitous minicab is an actual car brand? I also feel a bit defensive on behalf of my handsome, gleamingly black MPV.

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How gig economy workers are using tech to fight back

Fatima, from Guinea-Bissau, wakes up in the early hours of the morning to be in with a chance of being able to use the bathroom at her small house in Stratford, east London, which she shares with nine strangers – some are Italian, she thinks, and some might be eastern European, but nobody socialises as they are all too busy working, so she can’t really be sure.

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California lawmakers consider bill that would ‘lead the world’ on gig worker rights

California legislators are set to decide on legislation that would fundamentally change the way tech giants like Lyft and Uber engage with workers.

Assembly Bill 5 would change the way businesses classify employees and dramatically expand protections for gig workers. If it passes, the legislation would represent a big win for labor advocates across the state.

“This bill not only does important things immediately for workers, but also sets a framework for the future we think is really important,” said Steve Smith of the California Labor Federation.

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Report: Carlyle Group Is Considering US Listing For Addison Lee

Carlyle Group LP is reportedly planning to pursue a U.S. listing for Addison Lee after attempting to sell the London minicab company, according to Bloomberg’s sources. Carlyle would essentially sell Addison Lee into a special purpose acquisition company — which would float in an IPO in order to raise funds for a deal. And then Addison Lee would take on a public listing on Wall Street once the takeover is completed.

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California Uber and Lyft drivers rally for bill granting rights to contract workers

Dozens of drivers for Uber and Lyft attempted to shut down streets in San Francisco on Tuesday, demanding the right to form a union and calling on state governments to pass a new bill supporting gig worker rights.

Lyft and Uber drivers from across California came in a 70-plus caravan to speak out in favor of Assembly Bill 5, known as AB5. Lyft and Uber have spoken against AB5, which would classify drivers as employees and enact basic worker protections.

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