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John Griffin – Tory Party’s Top Donor On Boris Johnson

The Conservative Party’s top donor was brutal when it comes to Boris Johnson’s private life, and suggests he doesn’t have any kind of plan for Brexit.

Speaking to Eddie Mair the Tory Party’s top donor said he was a “fan of Boris,” but as we get closer to the leadership election, looking at the detail of Mr Johnson’s life.

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Tory donor John Griffin calls for a People’s Vote

A top Conservative donor has said that the public should be given a final say on Brexit, saying “perhaps we made a mistake, and a big one”.

Founder of taxi company Addison Lee John Griffin, is one of the Tories’ top 20 donors, made the comments during an interview on BBC’s World at One.

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National Windscreens wins Addison Lee contract

National Windscreens has been awarded the contract for windscreen repair, replacement and ADAS calibration on the 5,000-vehicle fleet run by Addison Lee Group.

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Female drivers feel abandoned by Uber and Lyft after reporting a sexual assault

One month into driving for Lyft around Atlanta, Alicia Dukes was sexually assaulted by a passenger on 21 April after she drove him to a gas station and back to his apartment.

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How Addison Lee is prepping for an AI-driven future

AI has growing potential in most industries, but the transformative power it wields in the automotive sector is hard to beat. Speaking at the AI Summit as part of London Tech Week last Thursday, Addison Lee group director and head of mVentures, Paul McCabe, spoke about how the company is gearing up for an AI-led future.

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How a struggling airline went soaring through the cloud

Air Malta has turned loss in to profit after embracing the “API economy”

Air Malta managed to turn its business around after two decades of losses and soar with the big boys and girls in the airline industry. But how?

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