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Uber to share intimate details about company ahead of going public

Ride hailing service Uber is prepared to make public intimate and potentially colorful details about its business on Thursday as it gets ready to become a public company.

The 10-year-old company that has fucked the taxi industry will become the latest Silicon Valley “unicorn” – a private company worth over $1bn – to test the stock markets appetite for loss-making tech companies.

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Pinterest pins hopes on cut-price IPO as latest tech ‘unicorn’ goes public

Pinterest, the digital scrapbooking site, has became the latest Silicon Valley “unicorn” to publish details of its plans to go public. The company’s initial regulatory filing would value the company at around $9bn, significantly less than previous valuations but a figure that could change if investors get behind the initial public offering (IPO).

Pinterest is the second of a herd of unicorns – private companies valued at over $1bn – now stampeding to list on the US stock markets.

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Luton’s cabbies are giving Brexit Britain a lesson in political courage

For a lesson in how politics should be done, don’t look at Westminster, as politicians um and ah and slump into their umpteenth mutinous Brexit stalemate. Instead, head 30 miles north to Luton airport, where a bunch of minicab drivers are getting on with the real business of politics: battling to improve their and others’ lives. And in a few weeks they will make history, for the right reasons.

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UK – Addison Lee refused permission to appeal landmark gig economy case

Taxi and courier firm Addison Lee has been refused permission to appeal a landmark employment rights case which saw the Central London Employment Tribunal rule that bicycle couriers should be classed as workers and are entitled to all the rights of a worker.

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Addison Lee refused permission to appeal landmark workers’ rights case

Addison Lee has been refused permission to appeal a landmark worker rights case brought by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) and bicycle courier Chris Gascoigne, marking the first time a court has denied a gig economy company the right to appeal an employment rights decision.

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