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Murder of Uber drivers may be Brazil gang leader’s ‘revenge’ for cancelled ride

The grisly murder of four drivers for Uber and another ridesharing service in a Brazilian favela may have been driven by vengeance after a gang leader’s sick mother had a ride cancelled, police have said.

The four men, aged between 23 and 48, were tortured and killed after being called to the Jardim Santo Inácio favela in the north-eastern city of Salvador last week. A fifth driver made a dramatic escape and alerted police. He and two victims worked for the Brazilian transport company 99; the others for Uber.

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Happy fleet: could electric vehicles enhance the joy of driving?

For companies that rely on fleet vehicles, change is inevitable. A raft of green policies have introduced zero-emissions targets, along with financial incentives encouraging businesses to adopt cleaner cars and vans, such as no vehicle tax for electric company cars in 2020/21.

However, as well as helping the planet and improving a company’s bottom line, the “greening” of vehicle fleets by going fully electric could bring additional benefits. A recent widely reported study found that jumping behind the wheel of an electric car – rather than a traditional petrol or diesel – could also make drivers happier, calmer and less stressed too.

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Pedal v petrol: can a London taxi-bike start-up take on Uber?

“We’re not going to fit through those traffic cones,” I declare, as my taxi hurtles towards a closed road. We make it through a small gap, just. I ask if the manoeuvre was legal. “It’s closed to traffic,” says my rider.

This is no ordinary taxi. I am riding in an electric-assisted bike taxi from Pedal Me. The London-based start-up is taking on Uber and claims to be faster, cleaner and more fun than its petrol competitors.

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Two per cent taxi fares rise will take cost of average journey to £13.50

Transport for London is expected to approve an increase of about two per cent that will take the cost of an average black cab journey to about £13.50. Read More

Not so popular: Uber to lose license in London

Uber lost its license to operate in London due to incidents that threatened the safety of the riders, thus not living up to the expectations.

In 2018, 95 million people used the Uber app on a monthly basis and this number continues to grow, according to

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Ex-Addison Lee chief races to secure rescue deal

The former chief executive of minicab operator Addison Lee is scrambling to secure a rescue deal for the firm.

Liam Griffin, who stepped down as chief executive in 2015 but remained on the board as vice-chairman, has approached investment funds to back his £125m takeover of the firm, reported.

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