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The more entrepreneurial London taxi drivers may also consider having their own website and booking platform together with integrated passenger and driver apps also. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is critical to avoid a continuing reduction in income. The Top News is that there will always be street work, of that there is no doubt, but the common consensus is that London taxi drivers are now earning 30% less compared to a year ago.

Both London taxi drivers – individually or a group of London taxi drivers that come together under one website – and new and established private hire operators have a plethora of choices and options when considering taxi booking platforms, hosting, websites and web booking facilities. In my experience, it is this vast choice that stops many – both London taxi drivers and London minicab drivers – from doing anything. The Top News is also that Cab4Now.com is happy to help.

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Taxi Website And Booking Platform £1500

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Numbers Never Lie – But Addison Lee Does

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Addison Lee – A Driver’s View In 2016

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Chauffeur In London

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National Campaign Save Taxis & Private Hire from unregulated Uber with TFL Public Inquiry

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Gatwick Airport in Breach Of Gatwick Bylaws

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