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The standard fares on UberX are now priced at a level which is clearly abusive. Drivers are subsidised by tax credits and the irony is that Uber as a company pays no tax to the British exchequer.

Due to Uber’s dominance there may now be a case for banning its abusive behaviour. Their business model would then collapse. Nobody would pay true market rates for crap. Uber is now dominating the London minicab market via anti-competitive practices through predatory pricing which have led it to such a dominant position. And what’s even scarier is that prices will fall even lower later this year on UberX unless Uber are brought to book sooner.

Predatory pricing in the UK is illegal. It is also prohibited under EU Competition Law to sell services at a loss with the purpose of forcing other firms out of business. Clearly, the UberX service is provided at a loss because the majority of UberX drivers are subsidised by benefits due to UberX driver net earnings being considerably less than the amount decided as acceptable for a living hourly income.

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