Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Uber, Addison Lee And TfL Fail London Minicab Drivers


You need to fill in all the boxes or you ain't going anywhere. Speak soon if you get through the hoops!

I have wide experience of the London and UK private hire industry since 1985!

I sold Social in 2019 which I started in 2013 . I am now semi retired in Malta. It has been my base for over 20 years.

I launched Cab4Now Direct – The Taxi And Private Hire Business Directory – on 1st February 2019. It has categories for Apps, Car Rental, Chauffeur, Courier, Deliveries, Insurance, Minicab Driver, Minicab Rental, Private Hire Operator and Taxi Driver.

The sale of my social marketing division of allowed the launch of Cab4Now Direct as I have signed a five year non compete agreement.

Grab your free entry NOW!

I have a significant equity stake in Splyt (French) which is a new way to travel, together. It is the first app that allows you to pick someone to pool with, share the taxi ride and save money.

Users have the chance to create their own profile, order a licensed taxi direct from the app, switch to pooling mode mid-journey and even make recommendations about pooling buddies afterwards.

Splyt also allows local taxi companies from around the world to join forces and advantage of its innovative design. Now, companies have access to a robust, dependable group of users who are interested in a unique way to travel. Splyt has created the first ever global taxi alliance.

The Splyt (English) roaming platform connects mobility stakeholders around the world.

I am available as a consultant for projects that interest me.

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