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Fraud and Failure

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Fraud and Failure

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8 thoughts on “Fraud and Failure

  1. An interesting read and one that underlines my belief that ‘crimes’ involving tax or fraud are always treated far more harshly than ‘crimes’ against the person. Even though it was 25 years ago a five-year stretch held against lesser sentences for assault, abh or even rape these days shows just where ‘society’s’ priorities lie. Moreso in your case due to it being a wrongful conviction.

    You’ve clearly always had ‘an eye for the main chance’ and that often means spectacular success or spectacular failure but good luck to you, there has to be risk for reward and those that succeed have my admiration.

    As the previous poster says you’ve entertained us on here and long may you continue.

  2. And the latest score is John 1 – Minority Black Cab Drivers 0.

    More Score news
    Uber 10 – Rest of PH operators 1.

    PH Minicab Trade 1 – Black Cab Taxi Trade 1.

    Happy New Year.

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