Long locks for men? Keep your hair on! | Brief letters

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Long locks for men? Keep your hair on! | Brief letters

April 16, 2021 Syndicated 0

Nobody worries whether women have long or short hair, so why do men suffer this sexist prejudice? The piece about Tomasz Schafernaker (Pass notes, 14 April) reminded me of the day when I was a teacher and came upon two boys standing forlornly outside the headmaster’s office. One had been sent there because his hair was deemed to be too long, the other because his hair was too short.
Val Harrison

It’s ironic that Uber, having sacked drivers by automated algorithm without human consideration or right to appeal, has complained that the case brought by the drivers against them was decided by an absentee judgment “which was automatic and not considered” (Court tells Uber to reinstate five UK drivers sacked by automated process, 14 April). A taste of their own medicine?
Michael Miller

I have just tried to buy a book from an art gallery in Australia. The response: “Unfortunately we are not shipping to the UK due to the changes Brexit has brought about with VAT compliance.” The shape of things to come?
Graham Peck

The reinstatement of two letters pages is urgent (Letters, 14 April), but not far behind is that of Notes & queries. The contributions to it are testament to the exceptional minds of many who take the Guardian.
David Handley
Gargrave, North Yorkshire

If the letters page returns to “normal”, at least I’ll have a better chance of having a letter published.
Graham Russell
Market Drayton, Shropshire

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