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London Minicab Operator Challenges

Cab4Now.com Addison Lee, Blog+, Uber London Minicab Operator Challenges

Addison Lee Blog+ Uber

London Minicab Operator Challenges

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12 thoughts on “London Minicab Operator Challenges

  1. Hi John another great article giving much food for thought.Agreed 2016 will be the year of change.
    I believe that is my own personal view is that Uber could end up been another dot.come company that eventually runs out of money,meaning if it continues to show no real profits the money men may pull out.Its spends millions on lobbying and recently many dollars in fines.This won’t be allowed to continue without show of profit.
    There has to be a term the money men are allowing before they pull the plug and swallow the losses as after all it seems Uber have no assets.
    We have seen increasing amounts of demos across the world and complaints from riders and drivers alike.
    Likewise especially in the Us drivers are uniting and taking Uber to court.
    Drivers are uniting many through the GMB Professional Drivers and others through associations set up by Uber drivers themselves.
    One Us State has even allowed unionisation of Uber drivers to help achieve increased rates and conditions for drivers.
    Prices with Uber in London will drop further which will increase inefficiency as experienced drivers will leave,leaving the newly licensed driver on the platform which will increase complaints and the eventual downfall of what initially was a breath of fresh air for the trade.
    I hear that bidding for jobs is a future possibility which will again devalue our trade and create further divides with Uber so called partners.
    Real partners usually share in the profit (if there was any) and have a say in any changes.This is not the case.
    Think about this as a driver. 6 drivers in say Hanover Sq, job goes to the nearest driver IE outside the door providing he is the cheapest bid.
    This if happens will create further poverty amongst drivers and no doubt longer hours to earn a poor living.
    This is not the answer.Companies that offer respectable rates and efficiency to customers and drivers alike will survive and will increase our professionalism.
    This has to be for the good of all not the few at the top of the tree.Uber are beginning to sound like the nasty party who,provide jobs for their boys and girls but cry foul if others think it.

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