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The 2016 Cab4Now Review For London Minicab & Taxi Drivers

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Every year around this time I wish all my taxi and minicab readers warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy, profitable new year. I see no reason to change the tradition even though I published my last article back on 22nd

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Taxi Website And Booking Platform £1500

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Over the last six years the team at Cab4Now Towers in Malta have built and hosted over one hundred taxi websites with varying degrees of social and booking integration. We continue to specialise in what we know best and added social media management services for private hire

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Numbers Never Lie – But Addison Lee Does

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A couple of years ago I read Proofiness: The Dark Arts of Mathematical Deception by Charles Seife. He reels us in with an assessment of how numbers are used to do exactly that. In fact, it might be said he is of the opinion that “figures lie

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Addison Lee – A Driver’s View In 2016

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New Spreaker Broadcast Recorded On 21st August 2017 Added Above
Today was my last day at Addison Lee. It is unlikely I will return. I have, again, been priced out of an industry that has served me well for over 30 years. It was always

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Chauffeur In London

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Driving can be a particularly testing activity anywhere these days.
Increased congestion, the difference in driving habits and the sheer volume of pedestrians in surrounding roads. It can be especially tricky in big cities like London. Brighton and Hove also have unique challenges.
London has the


The Tory Mayor That Failed London

Posted By diaryofaminicab

We in London have had eight years of folly, pain, disruption and economic failings brought in by a conservative led Latin speaking blond buffoon. The question is where does one start such an exercise.
Some might say the beginning but I suggest I have space only

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