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Covid: Sunak mulls tougher VAT rules for Uber drivers and Airbnb landlords

Rishi Sunak is considering toughening up VAT rules for the Uber drivers and Airbnb landlords central to the rapidly expanding sharing economy as the Treasury considers ways of repairing the damage to the public finances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The chancellor has taken the first steps towards increasing the government’s VAT revenues with the…
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December 9, 2020 0

Australian rideshare drivers found to be earning $12 an hour and at risk of harassment and assault

Uber and other rideshare drivers are earning an average of $12 an hour during the Covid-19 pandemic, and 17% have been sexually harassed or assaulted by passengers, according to a new survey of the gig economy. A survey of 230 workers – 93% of whom work for Uber – has revealed a range of violent…
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November 14, 2020 0