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From a legal viewpoint CabWave was blasted as “The Biggest Threat To The Taxi Trade…EVER…by Jim Thomas.” TfL said CabWave was a hoax without any investigation and claimed they were pursuing lines of enquiry through me.

TfL lied. TfL never contacted me at any time concerning CabWave. This is not surprising because based on counsel’s opinion CabWave is not within their jurisdiction.

CabWave was never live in London. TfL will just continue to lie to the very people who pay their wages. London deserves better.

Case law states it is not legal for a PHV to be on view to the public for the sole purpose of taking work that should be going in a licensed taxi.

As Uber Legal noted there does seem to be a lot of Cab4Now love going round currently. This helps balance the abuse that I occasionally receive from London taxi drivers on Twitter. Keep it coming guys. You never know, you might find the odd legal pearl of wisdom but judging from the overall standard of communication that seems unlikely. There are, of course, exceptions. You know who you are.

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