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LA suspends Uber’s scooters and bikes permit after company refuses to share data

Los Angeles has suspended Uber’s permit to rent electric scooters and bicycles because the corporation refused to follow the city’s rules on data sharing. The temporary suspension could result in the city confiscating scooters and bikes of Uber’s subsidiary Jump. It marks the latest conflict between local governments and the rideshare company, which has repeatedly…
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November 4, 2019 0

‘Carmageddon’: LA airport apologizes after Uber policy causes gridlock

Los Angeles international airport (LAX) has apologized for “unacceptable” wait times after a new policy banning Uber and Lyft from picking up passengers at the curb led to major traffic jams and delays. The new system at the country’s second-busiest airport requires travelers to take a shuttle to a separate area to meet their rideshare…
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October 31, 2019 0

‘I made $3.75 an hour’: Lyft and Uber drivers push to unionize for better pay

For over a year Rob Mead has worked as an Uber driver in Reno, Nevada, to supplement his income as a public sector worker. Now he’s wondering if it is worth it. “After gas, added monthly rideshare insurance, wear-and-tear, constant oil changes and taxes that $300 for 30 hours of work I thought I made…
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March 22, 2019 0