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The LPHCA, who lied on LBC last month as to who it represents – they claimed 20,000 members when that was the number of minicab drivers working with the private hire operators they do actually represent – wants to limit self employed London minicab drivers to only one operator on the grounds of safety. Hogwash.

It’s because they want to allow their members – the private hire operators – to control their drivers.

The implications of their suggestion really have not been though through but the LPHCA has the right of reply and their further uncensored comment will be published below immediately if they wish to put their case further.

It’s possible to pass your driving test never having driven at night, never experiencing how snow or ice affect handling, gone on a motorway or travelled through country roads and much more. Is it really acceptable that a professional driver has not passed an enhanced driving test?

In addition, it is a fact, that throughout the world you are able to buy a driving license without passing a test. These licenses can then be swapped for UK licenses. Do not, for one moment, think that this is not the case in the EU. It happens today! And as for our colonial friends, well, it is pretty much the route of choice. Pardon the pun.

I am of the opinion that London needs a private hire industry to be proud of. For the same reason, quite rightly, that the London taxi driver is proud of his or her trade. Addison Lee has made huge strides in taking the initiative here by setting up their diploma course.

Addison Lee tests a driver’s knowledge and their driver’s conversational English.

Another real safety benefit which I am sure the LPHCA will support as they are so concerned about safety is that in my opinion all London private hire drivers should have to pass the Institute of Advanced Motorists (the IAM) driving test.

Advanced drivers are taught to drive using the system which is derived from the Police Roadcraft system of car control and has been used successfully by the IAM since 1956. This system teaches drivers to approach situations and negotiate hazards in a methodical and flexible manner. Nothing is left to luck or chance, so safety is instantly increased for all private hire operators.

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