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How many stars is a smile worth? The social cost of emotional labour

At the traffic lights a woman’s head dangles from the backseat window of the silver Holden Commodore in front. It is late, quite late, and she is drunk. She lazily hurls her dinner from her mouth, and I watch as flecks of vomit fasten themselves on to her chin, only to cement themselves on to…
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October 16, 2021 0

Uber and Deliveroo discounts to lure young people in UK to get Covid jab

Cheap taxi rides and discounts from the biggest takeaway companies are to be deployed by the government in a desperate effort to boost Covid vaccination rates among the young, amid growing legal and political pressure on Boris Johnson over the use of vaccine passports. With figures inside the cabinet concerned about the plans already in…
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October 10, 2021 0

The minimum wage is meaningless if we don’t treat workers with respect

Last week, Labour members backed the fight for a £15-an-hour minimum wage at their annual party conference in Brighton. The vote, which may or may not inform the party’s future policy, has kicked off a debate over what figure the UK should be aiming for as a basic wage floor. But this bold declaration of…
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October 3, 2021 0

Home delivery firms blamed for enabling problem drinkers

Alcohol charities are calling for tighter rules on online delivery firms amid growing concerns that they are making home drop-offs to problem drinkers and children aged under 18. Recent research by Wrexham University found that age-verification measures used by suppliers and delivery firms were weak, with online checks easy to get around and couriers manually…
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September 25, 2021 0

Legal victory for foster carers paves way to action on employment rights

Foster carers could be the next group to take legal action for greater working rights, after a court in Glasgow found that a couple selected by the city council to look after vulnerable children should have been treated as workers rather than self-employed. Unions representing foster carers across the UK are planning to lodge further…
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September 23, 2021 0

Hit the mute button: why everyone is trying to silence the outside world

The mute button was invented in 1956 by Robert Adler, an Austrian-born engineer working for the Zenith Radio Corporation in Chicago. It was one of the four buttons on his Space Command 400, the first commercially viable TV remote control. The other three buttons – on/off, channel up and channel down – might have seemed…
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August 23, 2021 0

Uber’s quiet ride option is a warning: we are falling victims to convenience

Uber has launched a quiet ride service in the US, which means that passengers can request that a driver refrain from talking to them during their trip. The quiet ride feature is available in Uber’s premium Black service. If you’re reading this thinking, “Great, now rich people have even less reason to talk to people…
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August 21, 2021 0

Compact between old and young at risk of breakdown, say peers

The tacit deal between young and old to support each other through life could break down because of major problems with housing, work and tax, a 12-month parliamentary inquiry has concluded. The growth of the gig economy, soaring housing costs and fiscal giveaways for older people are driving a wedge between generations in Britain, according…
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August 14, 2021 0