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Court tells Uber to reinstate five UK drivers sacked by automated process

Uber has been ordered to reinstate five British drivers who were struck off from its ride-hailing app by robot technology. The five drivers, backed by the App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU) and the campaign group Worker Info Exchange, argued that they had been wrongly accused of fraudulent activity based on mistaken information from Uber’s…
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April 14, 2021 0

Courts close in on gig economy firms globally as workers seek rights

Gig economy companies, including Uber and Deliveroo, have faced at least 40 major legal challenges around the world as delivery drivers and riders try to improve their rights. The analysis of 39 employment cases, and seven linked cases on matters such as competition law, covers legal action in 20 countries including Australia, Chile, Brazil, South…
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March 17, 2021 0

Uber to buy leading alcohol delivery service Drizly in $1.1bn deal

Uber is acquiring on-demand alcohol platform Drizly for about $1.1bn as the ride-share company looks to expand delivery services that have flourished during the pandemic. Uber said on Tuesday the Drizly acquisition will allow the company to offer beer, wine and spirits in the majority of US states in addition to groceries, package and prescription…
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February 2, 2021 0

‘Peak hype’: why the driverless car revolution has stalled

By 2021, according to various Silicon Valley luminaries, bandwagoning politicians and leading cab firms in recent years, self-driving cars would have long been crossing the US, started filing along Britain’s motorways and be all set to provide robotaxis in London. 1 January has not, however, brought a driverless revolution. Indeed in the last weeks of…
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January 3, 2021 0

Uber sells loss-making flying taxi division to Joby Aviation

Uber has sold its loss-making flying taxi division, Elevate, to a Californian startup as it abandons costly side projects in an attempt to turn a profit next year. The sale to Joby Aviation, announced late on Tuesday, comes a day after Uber ditched ambitions to develop its own self-driving car and sold its autonomous vehicle…
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December 9, 2020 0

Uber Eats in Italy investigated over alleged migrant worker exploitation

Ten people, including a senior operations manager at Uber in Italy, are under investigation over the alleged exploitation of vulnerable migrant workers by the company’s food-delivery arm, prosecutors have said. According to investigators, the workers were “subjected to degrading work conditions, paid €3 per ride”, and had their tips confiscated. The case, which focuses on…
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October 13, 2020 0