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Select a Plan:

Order Cab4Now Bronze at £290 per month and Cab4Now.com will manage 1 Twitter account on behalf of your business with links to your company website, manage all Twitter conversations and tweet promotions daily.

Cab4Now Silver includes Cab4Now Bronze. Additionally, Cab4Now.com will write 1 article per month about your company which we will publish on your blog. The article will be linked to by Cab4Now.com on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Cab4Now Silver is only £490 per month.

Cab4Now Gold includes Cab4Now Silver and Cab4Now Bronze. Additionally, your blog article will be syndicated at Cab4Now.com with your company as the guest author. The article will also link to your blog from links generated by Cab4Now.com at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Cab4Now Gold is only £690 per month and represents a complete social strategy for your company which WILL generate new accounts and regular repeat business.

If you do not have a company blog then Cab4Now Gold ONLY allows for a free blog at YourCompany.Cab4Now.com which we will manage completely free of charge.

Cab4Now’s Social Media Advertising solutions engage fans and non-fans on popular social channels to turn prospects into customers.

We manage social media channels EXCLUSIVELY on behalf of taxi and private hire companies throughout the UK. It’s what we know. Cab4Now is the ONLY Specialist Social Media Agency dedicated to just the taxi and private hire industry in London and UK wide.

We cut through the noise and listen to keywords and hashtags on Facebook and Twitter that matter to your business Join Now