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Change Is Constant

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Change Is Constant

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8 thoughts on “Change Is Constant

  1. Big platform aka Grid sounds interesting but how would developers squeeze money out of it?

    Most local minicab companies operate on paltry commission (25%), yet Grid* might drive it even lower.

    Yes, minicab driver may benefit from it, but how do you encourage local firms to take hit to their pockets?

    If they dare squeeze their drivers even more, they risk loosing all their frontline staff.

    I suspect, local minicab companies could risk that new model at the expense of their own distinction.

    Bigger companies could try it out allright, but danger for them is if *Grid* takes off and evolves into accepting any owner driver into their database those very drivers will abandon en-mass their original local minicab companies.

    *Grid* or *Karhoo* whatever you call them indeed could be complex solution to challenge Uber but then again, all depends if that platform gets support.

    On way too many occasions, start up companies always rely on subsidy of enthusiasm of local drivers and heavily discounted fares, you hardly ever hear on fair deal offered to frontline staff .

    That new platform could very well be a *Trojan Horse* to minicab industry, that could be a massive industry change.

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