We need action to curb speed on dangerous roads


We need action to curb speed on dangerous roads

ANOTHER accident on the Finchley Road last week– this time a 94-year-old pensioner was killed.

I have seen at least two other accidents in recent weeks on this section of road, fortu­nately not fatal. It is time for action.

Police at the scene in Finchley Road where a 94-year-old man was killed. Credit: @MPSCamden

It is a very dangerous place to be, with vehicles going too fast, trying to keep up with the National Express coaches, those crazy L-plated Deliveroo bikers, not to mention the Uber, Addison Lee and other taxi drivers, all desperate to save 10 seconds of their lives at whatever expense to other road users.

Drivers can do this since Transport for London does absolutely nothing to try to control speeds through this major shopping district, even though it is used by thousands of people every hour of the day.

In fact TfL recently cut the timings of the traffic crossing lights specifically to increase traffic speeds, with the side effect that even a fairly agile pensioner like myself can no longer cross before the red light appears.

A few years ago when I enquired about this lack of speed cameras, TfL told me they are only installed if there has been a death, so I look forward to their installation shortly.

Meanwhile perhaps TfL can continue their discussions with the developers of the awful set of tower blocks at Swiss Cottage so their demolition trucks can enter the building site at 100 Avenue Road solely from the Finchley Road/ A41 frontage of the whole building?

At present this traffic is being sent through the tiny north­ eastern corner of the site, taking massive demolition trucks across all the pedestrian routes to the shops, buses and tube station, used by thousands of people an hour.

These monster trucks then are directed through the pedestrianised Market Square on Eton Avenue (even when the markets are operating), and out in front of Mora Burnet House, home to dozens of housebound older people, and off down Winchester Road, the narrowest local street, which is already highly congested with all those Chelsea tractors with kids too feeble to walk to school, not forgetting all those delivery vehicles, etc etc. This must be done before someone else is killed.

And there is a Brexit dimension which may have escaped notice: the European Union is poised to introduce a law requiring all vehicle speeds to be controlled by their electronic systems, automatically stopping them from speeding. Will the Brexit-heads of Little Britain do the same?

Eton Avenue, NW3

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