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Let Cab4Now.com Look After Your Social Media Strategy

We only manage social media for one taxi company in each town or city with the exception of London.

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Managing your social media takes time!


We leverage data and insights from thousands of campaigns to ensure your custom social media strategy will deliver results. Our social media experts create compelling social media ad units that resonate with prospects and customers.

Tested Analysed Optimised

Cab4Now’s social media campaigns are tested, analysed, and optimised with regular frequency. Most businesses find social media websites attractive because there are so many people there.


We offer a variety of bespoke packages. We can create your initial content and publish it on your blog. We'll share the updates to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn the day the blog post is published and in the following days and weeks.


We know your hashtags - do you? Hashtags are like little windows into a larger conversation. They show you what is popular on Twitter and in your industry. Small businesses can connect to their local communities on Twitter in order to get in front of a local audience.

There Can Be Only One

Would you like a social media strategy that really will put more passengers in your drivers’ cars? Then you can order at the bottom. We only work with one taxi company in each town or city with the exception of London.

The Specialist

We build and host taxi websites with social and booking integration. Cab4Now is the ONLY Specialist Social Media Agency dedicated to just the taxi and private hire industry in London and UK wide.

We Know Taxis

The founder of Cab4Now.com is well known throughout the London & UK private hire industry. John continues to provide consultancy services in London for new & established taxi app providers. He is recognised for his outspoken opinions on Uber and Addison Lee.

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London Taxi Driver

The more entrepreneurial London taxi drivers may also consider having their own website and booking platform together with integrated passenger and driver apps also. In fact, it may be critical to avoid a continuing reduction in income.

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Taxi Or Private Hire Operator

Cab4Now.com offers the safest Taxi, Chauffeur or Private Hire Website And Booking Platform for a fixed price of £1500. This includes domain, hosting, email, website, blog, CRM, booking platform, web booker, driver and passenger apps.

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About Us

Cab4Now’s Social Media Advertising solutions engage fans and non-fans on popular social channels to turn prospects into customers. We manage social media channels EXCLUSIVELY on behalf of taxi and private hire companies throughout the UK. It’s what we know. Cab4Now is the ONLY Specialist Social Media Agency dedicated to just the taxi and private hire industry in London and UK wide.

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Meet The Team

Over the last six years the team at Cab4Now Towers in Malta have built and hosted over one hundred taxi websites with varying degrees of social and booking integration. We continue to specialise in what we know best and added social media management services for private hire operators and taxi companies in 2015. This new service has proved immensely popular and compliments our core taxi website hosting and design services.

Sophie Vella

I am passionate about social media and love metrics. I measure everything and make all client campaigns achieve the best ROI. The weekly Engagement Report that you receive is my baby. :-)

John Pace

I manage the day to day operation of all social media campaigns on behalf of our clients. I'm your first point of contact and I work closely with your Account Manager to achieve the results you want.

Pina Farrugia

I love my my work. I believe in listening to every element of a client brief so we can all achieve the results you want. I am based in Malta and visit clients throughout the UK every 6 months.

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Drover is a breath of fresh air in the PCO car hire industry

Posted By Join Drover

Drover is a PCO car hire company that operates differently from other players on the market. Drover does not own any cars, instead it partners with existing PCO rental fleets and connects them with PCO drivers.
Both the drivers and fleet owners benefit from arranging bookings

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National Campaign Save Taxis & Private Hire from unregulated Uber with TFL Public Inquiry

Posted By TfL Public Inquiry

Petition to Theresa May MP, Chris Grayling MP
National Campaign Save Taxis & Private Hire from unregulated Uber with TFL Public Inquiry
Campaign for TFL Public Inquiry
Created 25 Jan 2017

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The 2016 Cab4Now Review For London Minicab & Taxi Drivers

Posted By Cab4Now.com

Every year around this time I wish all my taxi and minicab readers warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy, profitable new year. I see no reason to change the tradition even though I published my last article back on 22nd

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