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£1 sale of Addison Lee – Feb 2019 EXCLUSIVE

Lenders to Addison Lee are preparing to seize control of London’s second-biggest minicab company as part of a looming restructuring that could see it forced into administration as predicted exclusively at on 8th February 2019.  We can now reveal that a syndicate of more than a dozen banks led by the Dutch financial giant…
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October 26, 2019 0

Splyt Growth Continues Globally

Splyt gives non-transportation platforms the ability to offer transport options to their users.

August 26, 2019 0

Uber Prices 2014

I left Uber on August 12, 2015 and returned to Addison Lee on August 17, 2015. During that time I logged on to Uber for a total of six months due to my other commitments. I also managed to fit in two months in Malta and two months in Asia – mainly Thailand and Philippines.…
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January 26, 2019 0

Uber Income 2015

I was UberExec and also rented Mercedes to Uber drivers. Driving with Addison Lee or Uber is no longer viable. WRITTEN BY CAB4NOW.COM IN 2015 All the Uber statements are the payments from Uber due after commission in 2015. The exception is the tweeted gross summary underneath the statements. That was taken from my second…
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January 24, 2019 2

The Lies At Addison Lee!

As regular readers know I left Addison Lee due to a collapse in my earnings of around 50%. WRITTEN BY CAB4NOW.COM IN 2016 A couple of years ago I read Proofiness: The Dark Arts of Mathematical Deception by Charles Seife. He reels us in with an assessment of how numbers are used to do exactly…
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January 24, 2019 2

The Uber Time Bomb

A huge success story? Or the biggest fraud to be perpetrated against the British taxpayer in recent history? WRITTEN BY CAB4NOW.COM IN 2015 25,000 Uber drivers today and that number is set to double in a few months. Whatever your take on the situation the impact of Uber on the private hire industry and London…
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January 24, 2019 0