Immense joins Addison Lee programme to improve fleet efficiency

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Immense joins Addison Lee programme to improve fleet efficiency

October 22, 2019 Syndicated 0

Global premium car service company Addison Lee Group and Immense, the intelligent mobility simulation provider, have announced it has launched a new partnership. 

The partnership is under mVentures, Addison Lee Group’s innovation programme, and will use simulation to explore more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of getting drivers and customers to where they need to be.

The partnership will initially aim to be a three-month trial to benchmark the way Addison Lee Group currently allocates its 5,000-strong fleet during a given week against a simulated allocation for the same week. The simulation will be able to highlight whether efficiency could be increased by optimising use of the fleet, therefore positively impacting the Group’s service at scale for passengers, drivers and the cities in which it operates in.

To achieve this, the simulation will test different sets of rules to identify the allocation and dispatch strategy which simultaneously creates efficiencies in the system, reduces passenger wait times, ensures fulfilment of customer requests in dispatching the right vehicle at the right time, creates more efficient journeys and maximises earning potential for drivers through allocating jobs that are on drivers’ route to and from home, and optimises vehicle usage to reduce wasted miles and CO2 emissions.

Immense were selected out of seventy applications from companies keen to join the mVentures partnership programme. Immense have built an AI-powered mobility simulation platform to enable better, faster decisions about future transport systems – through this mVentures trial, Immense will, for the first time, apply and test this software at scale through Addison Lee Group’s fleet, helping to inform and find efficiencies for the Group’s operational strategy.

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Paul McCabe, Corporate Director at Addison Lee Group, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Immense on this mVentures trial, which has the potential to provide significant benefits to the Addison Lee Group operating model, the cities we operate in, our drivers and our customers.”

Upon completion of the three-month programme, the benefits of increased operational visibility and fleet efficiency savings to drivers, passengers and the city authority will be assessed. If successful, full platform roll-out will enable Addison Lee Group to rapidly improve fleet operational efficiency across all existing operating locations and test fleet solutions in potential future service locations, de-risking realworld implementation for drivers and passengers.

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