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Car sales rise and car-share companies boom as pandemic upends transportation

Like many people in recent months, AnnaLiisa Ariosa-Benston of Brooklyn has seen her primary sources of income transform in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. An arts event producer, she now is picking up odd jobs in renovation and design to make money. And to do so, she has found – for the first time…
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August 12, 2020 0

Melbourne Uber drivers fear for their health as they transport passengers to Covid-19 tests

Some Melbourne Uber drivers say they are afraid for their health after unknowingly transporting potentially infectious passengers to Covid-19 testing facilities. Melbourne driver Karan Taneja said he was scared to hold his infant child for days after picking up a rider who suspected she could have Covid-19 and wished to get tested. “Before we pick…
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August 6, 2020 0

Lyft sparks uproar after opening store to sell masks to its drivers

The ride-hailing platform Lyft has opened an online store to sell masks and other protective gear as the Covid-19 pandemic intensifies, enraging drivers and labor organizers who say the company should be providing these free. The tech company’s move to sell drivers protective gear rather than provide it resurfaces the debate of whether drivers are…
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July 17, 2020 0

Strikes erupt as US essential workers demand protection amid pandemic

Wildcat strikes, walkouts and protests over working conditions have erupted across the US throughout the coronavirus pandemic as “essential” workers have demanded better pay and safer working conditions. Labor leaders are hoping the protests can lead to permanent change. Norma Kennedy, an employee at an American Apparel clothing plant is one of those people. Kennedy…
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May 19, 2020 0

Addison Lee and Uber to install partition screens in cabs

Addison Lee and Uber are to install partition screens in vehicles to protect staff and passengers from infection with coronavirus, after new data earlier this week revealed that male taxi drivers and chauffeurs are among those at highest risk of death from the disease. London’s largest private hire car operator, Addison Lee, claims to be…
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May 13, 2020 2

Coronawashing: for big, bad businesses, it’s the new greenwashing | Oscar Rickett

Last week, the Lancashire Post carried a feelgood yarn about a great British success story. “It’s plane sailing for BAE Systems – with a little help from Carol Vorderman”, ran the headline, accompanied by a picture of the smiling former Countdown maths whizz sitting in the cockpit of a plane. Lancashire’s biggest private sector employer…
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May 11, 2020 0