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Please bear in mind that my my driver’s experience at Uber is only on UberExec. The earnings on UberX, UberXL, UberLux are significantly lower.

The growth at Uber is on the UberX platform but I understand drivers rely heavily on surge pricing to make it viable. The net rate, without surge, paid to an UberX driver by Uber is currently a minimum fare of £4 with a base of £2 plus £1 per mile and 12 pence per minute. An insane pricing structure when considering that Addison Lee’s account rate is £1.60 per mile but no time based charge. Addison Lee’s cash fare is based on £2.90 per mile with a fully maintained and insured Ford Galaxy at around £200 per week and a quick replacement car when needed. The last time the cash rate was £1 per mile at Addison Lee was 20 years ago! At that time drivers also kept the lot.

My UberExec earnings were a little under £10K per month for the months I worked. The average last year was £12K per month and this year the monthly average has dipped below £8K per month

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