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London has always been a star among the most visited capital cities on a worldwide level. In addition to this it is also a financial hub and attracts multinational companies, together with its adjacent great number of business men. With more than 7 million visitors each year and around 8 million inhabitants, anyone can see the necessity of a complex and efficient means of transport.

A manager of a private hire minicab company in London needs to keep up with the modern times as much as any other business sector. Great demand attracts a greater profit and also higher expectations.


Cab4Now Joins Uber

I first drove a minicab over 30 years ago and joined Addison Lee for the first time over 20 years ago. The minicab or private hire industry is now entering a new exciting phase which will see massive growth, more merging of private hire operators and many more small minicab offices closing their doors.

The decision to move to Uber for me was a simple one. Regular readers here and on Twitter will know that when I am in England I was available for hire 7 days a week for an average of 14 hours per day. This made the company car deal at Addison Lee attractive. Most weeks in 2011 my Ford Galaxy was free. Due to operational reasons this has now changed and in 2014 the car now cost me £45 or £80 per week earlier this year.


TfL – Transport for London

The London taxi and private hire trade is regulated by Transport for London also known as TfL.

Many prefer to use the initials TfL to mean Totally Failing London. In this article I will highlight failures of TfL which have affected me personally but I don’t propose to regurgitate the hundreds of failures of TfL that are well documented elsewhere. Just Google Totally Failing London. My focus will be on my own personal experience, regulatory alternatives and a possible solution.


Cab4Now Joins Wheely

Another week. Another app. I joined Wheely on Tuesday due to the Wheely tweet shown on the left. It’s good they reach out to potential new minicab drivers in relevent conversations.

I emailed my interest on Monday evening and less than an hour later Darren made contact by telephone. I arranged to meet him at their office in Hammersmith.

The boarding process was simple and, again, less than an hour after us meeting I was ready to accept work from Wheely via their app.


Cab4Now Joins Hailo

Hailo launched HailoExec much to the chagrin of  some London taxi drivers. They felt so strongly about the new HailoExec service offering E class Mercedes and similar private hire vehicles that many chose to leave Hailo. Some even rebranded the service to Failo and many others defaced their advertising decals.

What some London taxi drivers seem to be struggling to deal with is that customers want choice. Many are now arguing that because of the addition of London private hire drivers to the Hailo mix the company will ultimately fail.


Mercedes-Benz E Class E200 CDI BlueEFF SE Edition Rental

During the last 6 months I have researched the TfL Executive Car Rental market in some depth.

I have spoken to every Executive Car Rental company that supplies TfL licensed vehicles. Most that advertise Mercedes as being available for hire immediately in trade publications fail to have any Mercedes-Benz E Class available.

Most  TfL Executive Car Rental companies will encourage self employed private hire drivers to simply call regularly to try to obtain a car. In my opinion the Mercedes-Benz E Class is the best private hire vehicle available for the executive market so this may explain why demand outstrips supply in London.

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