SPLYT Launches Rideshare In London

I was excited to be given pre launch access to both the driver and passenger apps by SPLYT for testing purposes. Complete with a dummy credit card. Pretty important because SPLYT fares are payable by registered card only.

I wrote last year that 2015 was going to be the year of the rideshare and it appears that Londoners will soon get around cheaper with SPLYT being the first rideshare app to launch in March 2015. SPLYT is at the front and centre of the sharing economy for London cab rides and allows customers to share their private driver.

There are going to be some massive promotional offers to get SPLYT off to a flying start which I am aware of but I don’t want to steal their thunder so I cannot, sadly, share them here.


Hailo Steps Up

Hailo launched Hailo Backup last month. It’s a new feature for London that provides a HailoExec in case clients are ignored by its London taxi driver base which, I understand, is happening more and more these days.

A HailoExec will be booked at no additional cost which are generally high-end saloon cars – only Mercedes E-class, BMW 5-7 series, Jaguars and Audi A series are allowed.

It works the other way around too. If a customer books a HailoExec and none are available, then a London taxi will arrive instead. The feature is opt-in, so customers are not being forced to use the Backup option if they don’t want to. If they do want to, they can find the setting in the Options menu as they’re booking their car.


Why Russell @ArrestingUber will fail

As we reach the end of January 2015 I have now returned to the UK.

6 weeks off and very well spent. The festive season at home in Malta and then a few weeks in Manila for my birthday with old friends from the time I lived there. I didn’t visit Asia at all last year which is the first time I have missed that continent for many years.

January is a very poor month traditionally for most private hire operators and judging from the pain on Twitter Uber has been no different. The majority of minicab drivers in London are self employed. With over 11,000 self employed minicab drivers now registered with Uber January was not as bad as it could have been for UberX, UberXL, UberExec and UberLux. The recruitment spike before Christmas at Uber with little surge over Christmas and new year’s eve suggested to me it could have been a lot worse.


2015 The Year of Change

First I would like to wish everyone a fantastic 2015 and I wish you all health and happiness and hope yourselves and your Loved ones prosper in 2015.

Many of the things I wrote about in 2014 I believe we’re proved right and provoked a lot of interest I’m glad many enjoyed my articles.

2015 will be a year of Major change in the PH industry I predict Uber will continue to to set the agenda and create news and cause other PH operators to play catch up all year.

Christmas Taxi

Happy Christmas Minicab and Taxi Drivers

2014 is now nearly over and as is the tradition at Cab4Now.com we look back at the year that was. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Whistleblower for his substantial contribution at Cab4Now.com – many articles written this year and a great Cab4Now supporter.

The Whistleblower kicked off the Cab4Now year with comment on the Carlyle Group followed quickly by The Law Commission Report. I will leave The Whistleblower to do a round up on his Cab4Now year later if he wishes.


2015 – Year Of The Rideshare?

Rideshare apps are gathering pace in London.

JumpIn, now owned by Addison Lee has launched to book London minicabs and London taxis. It is already available in other cities. It is a social taxi booking and sharing app aimed at students. Maaxi backed by Nat Rothschild has launched for London taxi drivers. UberPool needs no introduction and will join the party before Christmas.

The potential savings for ridesharers are huge. A £21 black taxi trip with UberPool could cost as little as £6, using the services of Uber’s existing minicab drivers but allowing them to combine trips with parts of journeys common between at least two passengers.


Climate Cars and GLH Challenges

Each week I now answer over a hundred enquiries via email and Twitter on which is the best private hire operator to work with. Sometimes I also jump in to Twitter conversations where I consider I may be able to provide advice or offer a solution to such a query.

The two most notable conversations concerning Climate Cars and GLH are the topic of this article. Both companies offer company cars to their self employed drivers.

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