Mercedes-Benz E Class E200 CDI BlueEFF SE Edition Rental

During the last 6 months I have researched the TfL Executive Car Rental market in some depth.

I have spoken to every Executive Car Rental company that supplies TfL licensed vehicles. Most that advertise Mercedes as being available for hire immediately in trade publications fail to have any Mercedes-Benz E Class available.

Most  TfL Executive Car Rental companies will encourage self employed private hire drivers to simply call regularly to try to obtain a car. In my opinion the Mercedes-Benz E Class is the best private hire vehicle available for the executive market so this may explain why demand outstrips supply in London.


Addison Lee for sale.

So in little over a year The Carlyle Group have put Addison Lee on the market for an estimated £800 Million.

Carlyle have appointed Credit Suisse to carry out an Evaluation of the business with a brief to decide if it should be sold or if money should be invested,well in other words find a buyer for us.


Credit Card Terminals For Escort Services

I haven’t written much here in in 2014 and thanks to The Whistleblower for stepping in to the breach.

Many of you know that from time to time I have the occasional consultancy gig come up and that is what is occupying me right now and has been for the last two months.


London Operators Update

Im sure many drivers read the blogs on this site well it would be good to hear from you about the Operators you work for,how you find them good or bad,im sure it will be a blog many would like to read and may help Drivers looking for work find out about other operators.

in the meantime ive been asking drivers when i see them who they work for and how things are.

It seems the guys with uber i meet tell me that uber x is doing very well and drivers are earning good money and many of these guys are renting Prius cars fromvarious firms so they have cheap running costs,i understand the guys on uber exec and lux are not doing so well.


Quality of Drivers in London

To me when i am out and about around London or the Airport i have become very worried by the standards i see portrayed by PH drivers licenced by the PCO.

I would like to ask some of them where do they go for there clothes they wear to start with,many of them dress like they are models for Oxfam,many look unshaven ,multi colored shirts etc we have all seen them its a disgrace.

To someone like me who is proud of my profession and like to think people see us as professionals it pains me to see  standards being lowered by so many.


Apps Wars

Well Hailo are going to use Private Hire to cover there work if they can get a Operators licence from TFL,The Taxi trade has gone ballistic and have blockaded London,Uber are being dragged through the High Court to see if there legal after complaints by The Taxi trade and there many many unions,you couldnt make it up.

Addison Lee AquaCab

Carlyle Group/Addison Lee snap up London executive

The carlyle group have purchased the PH company London Executive to add to the ever growing Addison Lee portfolio which in the last couple of years has been bolstered by the addition of lewis day and west 1.

The worry here is if this policy of buying up London PH companies by the Carlyle Monster continues what options are there for PH Drivers in London ?

Topographical Skills Test

Who will survive ?

As The PH Trade changes in my opinion for the better in London and Work for all becomes harder to obtain is it possible some of the big PH companies in London may disappear?

if this does occur who do you think will survive ? id love to hear your views so post your comments on the site.


Time for PH Drivers to be Appreciated

Following on from my last post im hearing that Uber is still growing at a rate that is causing a major problem for other London PH Companies.

I now also hear that another Major new App is shortly going to be launched in London called “Bounce” a joint partnership i think from the founder of Climatecars and the guy who started another App called Kabbee.

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