Fraud and Failure

Many regular readers at Cab4Now.com are aware of my previous occupations as a despatch rider, financial advisor, mortgage broker, estate agent and landlord.

More recently I have provided consultancy services for a credit card company and two investment brokerages.

I am writing this article due to the huge recent interest in my past by London taxi drivers and, in particular, @thesherbetdab and @jockneycab.

Uber Taxi London

CabWave Instant Kerb Bookings

Cab4Now.com and other select private hire drivers are now offering Instant Kerb Bookings via a Wave roundel in a 3 month beta trial as we move in to the busiest period of the year. The  alpha launch of CabWave has ended successfully with over a thousand journeys completed and an overall satisfaction rating of 94%.

Under the terms of the agreement private hire drivers have to remain within their vehicle at all times and are allowed to park legally in full site of the public but are not allowed to promote the service to passers by as under existing legislation this may be classed as illegally plying for hire.


Place your bids now.

So its official Addison lee are up for sale or should i say open to bids in an Auction process according to The carlyle group.

Well i said earlier in the year this would happen when carlyle asked credit suisse to look at the business and advise if carlyle should invest or sell.


The London Private Hire Scene

First of all i hope you have all had a good summer and are now rested and ready now for what we all hope is a busy end of year.

i have been looking at the PH trade in london at present and thought it would be good to share some of the views and news from around london that has been passed to me and give you some news of various PH companys in London.


Risk Management

Recently I was the victim of an attempted car jacking. It could have ended very badly. Fortunately it didn’t.

The incident occurred on 31st August 2014 from an UberExec booking requested at 11.46pm for Paveley Street NW1. The area is a council estate which includes Tresham Crescent, Swain Street and Casey Close.

I was aware that the estate was a high risk area for minicab bookings. There have been incidents of bilking and on one occasion several years ago I refused a fare with Addison Lee when the destination for a cash booking was given as Tresham Crescent.


Online Taxi Dispatch System

London has always been a star among the most visited capital cities on a worldwide level. In addition to this it is also a financial hub and attracts multinational companies, together with its adjacent great number of business men. With more than 7 million visitors each year and around 8 million inhabitants, anyone can see the necessity of a complex and efficient means of transport.

A manager of a private hire minicab company in London needs to keep up with the modern times as much as any other business sector. Great demand attracts a greater profit and also higher expectations.


Cab4Now Joins Uber

I first drove a minicab over 30 years ago and joined Addison Lee for the first time over 20 years ago. The minicab or private hire industry is now entering a new exciting phase which will see massive growth, more merging of private hire operators and many more small minicab offices closing their doors.

The decision to move to Uber for me was a simple one. Regular readers here and on Twitter will know that when I am in England I was available for hire 7 days a week for an average of 14 hours per day. This made the company car deal at Addison Lee attractive. Most weeks in 2011 my Ford Galaxy was free. Due to operational reasons this has now changed and in 2014 the car now cost me £45 or £80 per week earlier this year.

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