The Uber Time Bomb

25,000 Uber drivers today and that number is set to double in a few months. A huge success story? Or the biggest fraud to be perpetrated against the British taxpayer in recent history? Whatever your take on the situation the impact of Uber on the private hire industry and London in general may prove to be a disaster sooner rather than later.

Last month I made a point of speaking to as many Uber drivers as possible. Without exception the 27 UberX drivers I spoke to stated that they are now earning less than £100 per 12 hour shift. The two UberExec drivers I spoke to cannot be a representative sample so I will ignore their comments. Continue reading The Uber Time Bomb

London Minicab Operator Challenges

The first article of the new year for me so I thought I’d write about a London minicab company that has yet to be born. A personal wishlist perhaps? And then I will comment on why I feel that 2016 will be the year of the taxi and private hire comparison app.

Maybe my wishlist could be a blend of the best parts of Addison Lee and the best parts of Uber? Together with a sprinkling of other smaller operators’ initiatives? Then again I believe it is probably more likely that Addison Lee will address the challenges and grow their business even more by becoming, again, the defacto choice for London minicab drivers. Continue reading London Minicab Operator Challenges

Unions And What You Need To Know

As a long time active unionist and now a Labour Member activist I have badgered my local ward councilor to write an article in our local magazine to highlight the relevance of unions today. Unfortunately the editor thinks different, the magazine wont even engage with me but this site will and thankfully has allowed me to publish. Thank You Mr Editor.

Here goes my first piece.

To see the relevance you first need to look at history and then compare to today’s society to show the importance and necessity of our now modern unions and the Tories consistency of trying to grind us down. Firstly I believe the Tories were right in the 70s and 80s the unions were too strong and controlled the running of business which damaged us all. Continue reading Unions And What You Need To Know

It’s A Wrap For 2015 So Happy Christmas Everyone

Another year draws to a close. As is traditional at Cab4Now I will now take a look at the 12 articles I published this year along with another by a guest author, AppInfo. Sadly, The Whistleblower, another past regular guest author has been noticeable by his absence. Perhaps he’ll spring back to life in 2016. I hope so. But The Whistleblower articles appear to have been deleted so he may be gone forever. Very sad.

We kicked off the year with Why Russell @ArrestingUber will fail. Russell can now be found @FreeSpeakTweet as his Twitter account @ArrestingUber has been suspended for some time. Continue reading It’s A Wrap For 2015 So Happy Christmas Everyone

Change Is Constant

The private hire industry in London has changed considerably in the last few years. I am of the opinion that change is good. The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.

London minicab operators are moving away from their traditional business model of a fixed weekly rent to a more flexible but potentially more costly – for the driver – commission based model. The flexibility to work for multiple operators – both app only and traditional – has gathered pace significantly over the last twelve months. Uber drivers globally now only make themselves available each week for around 9 hours. In London the number may be significantly higher but I would suggest that the trend of decline is well established too. Continue reading Change Is Constant

TfL – Totally Failing London. Again!

TfL is consulting on 25 proposals for private hire companies. I have been asked by many for my opinion on the proposals so I will, reluctantly, comment in detail now. I say reluctantly because the proposals are so ridiculous that I was not going to engage with the debate. It has been my policy to view the Internet not as an ‘information highway’, but as an electronic asylum filled with babbling loonies and the TfL proposals and the comments of the LTDA really do fit this criteria perfectly.

Their is a common phrase that most born in the Uk will know – lunatics have taken over the asylum. Continue reading TfL – Totally Failing London. Again!

Cab4Now Returns To Addison Lee

I returned to Addison Lee on 17th August 2015. There have been many changes while I’ve been away. I am pleased to say that the changes have been positive for the self employed London minicab and private hire drivers who choose to work with Addison Lee.

The main impact for me has been that the driver share of credit card bookings is now more equitable. Most days I complete a Gatwick in to London as First Job Of The Day and then I usually receive another in reverse as a Going Home Job in the early hours of the morning. Continue reading Cab4Now Returns To Addison Lee

1 Year As An Uber Driver In London

I joined Uber on August 13, 2014 and my article Cab4Now Joins Uber has attracted 52 comments to date.

A year has now passed. Over the last 12 months I logged on to Uber for a total of around half that time due to my other commitments. I also managed to fit in two months in Malta and two months in Asia – mainly Thailand and Philippines.

The commission Uber charged me when I joined was 20%. It is now 25%. A year ago I was paid time OR distance depending on if I was travelling above or below 11MPH. Now I am paid time AND distance for the whole journey. Continue reading 1 Year As An Uber Driver In London

Gatwick Airport in Breach Of Gatwick Bylaws

As regular readers know I was asked to leave Gatwick Airport recently due to a PCSO’s opinion that I was in breach of Gatwick bylaws. I believed that I was not in breach of Gatwick bylaws but just to be sure I asked Gatwick Airport to provide a copy of the bylaws and within 24 hours I had received them. You may download the Gatwick Airport Bylaws here.

It is clear after reviewing the Gatwick Airport bylaws that I was correct that I was not in breach of Gatwick Airport bylaws for the reasons I outlined here.

The Gatwick Airport PCSO and Gatwick Airport police were incorrect in requiring me to leave Gatwick Airport. Their actions were unlawful. Continue reading Gatwick Airport in Breach Of Gatwick Bylaws

Gatwick Police

Yesterday I popped up to Horley to see a friend and feeling peckish on the way back to Brighton I dropped in to the South Terminal McDonalds at Gatwick Airport.

The McDonalds car park at Gatwick Airport was full so I pulled over and parked at the far end of the car park after I had collected my chicken salad at the drive thru. I had blocked in several parked cars which is common when the car park is busy. When one wants to move you can then let him out and take the space vacated. Continue reading Gatwick Police