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Cab4Now’s Social Media Advertising solutions engage fans and non-fans on popular social channels to turn prospects into customers. We manage social media channels EXCLUSIVELY on behalf of taxi and private hire companies throughout the UK. It’s what we know. Cab4Now is the ONLY Specialist Social Media Agency dedicated to just the taxi and private hire industry in London and UK wide.

We leverage data and insights from thousands of campaigns to ensure your custom social media strategy will deliver results.

Our social media experts create compelling social media ad units that resonate with prospects and customers.

Taxi Social MediaCab4Now’s social media campaigns are tested, analysed, and optimised with regular frequency.

Most businesses find social media websites attractive because there are so many people there.

Most interaction on social media by taxi companies in the UK is woefully inadequate and does more damage than good.

Each social platform has some kind of profile or account that allows businesses to participate. At Facebook you can get a Fanpage, on Twitter, a regular account which lets you specify your company website.

All of these accounts are free, and while you can hire someone to set them up or manage them, you can also run them in your free time, and use them to get more interest in your business.

This all assumes you know how to use social media, but if you don’t you are in the right place.

The social media strategy for every taxi or chauffeur company at Cab4Now focuses on a three-pronged strategy.

Cab4Now focuses on making your social profiles valuable (or entertaining) for the target audience you want to attract.

We take the steps needed to get your social profiles in front of your target audience so that they have the chance to see the value you provide and to choose to follow you.

Cab4Now sets aside the time needed to properly engage with your followers and those sharing your content (that’s what usually prompts new accounts and more passengers).

Cab4Now offers a variety of bespoke packages. We can create your initial content and publish it on your blog. When doing so Cab4Now will share the updates to major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn the day the blog post is published and in the following days and weeks.

Taxi Social Media SharingTo avoid inundating your fans with repeat content and to give the original blog post an opportunity to gain traction in the search engines and social media, we hold off on republishing the original article elsewhere for a few days.

Sharing an excerpt of the piece on Google+ can happen earlier since it isn’t likely we’ll publish the full version of the article.

Then, two days after launching your post, we consider republishing it on LinkedIn. This republished article will differ slightly and will probably reach a slightly different audience, so we’re not bashful about also sharing it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

After two more days Cab4Now repeats this process now with Medium as another republishing platform. Again, with any republished blog articles, we make sure to link back to the original.

We take one core piece of content and create a much bigger splash than you would if you just focused on blogging alone. This is the power of utilising multiple blogging platforms.

“Branding,” “visibility,” and “loyalty” are all well and good, but chances are, if you’re a small taxi company, you have a single question burning in your mind whenever you discuss the benefits of using Twitter: “How can tweeting get me more customers?”

All other benefits of Twitter aside, it is more than possible to use it as a lead generation tool to discover, interact with, and convert customers.

Cab4Now will find you new customers using Twitter search.

Simple choice for taxi companiesCab4Now will connect your taxi company with your influencers. Thought leaders, influential customers, journalists, community figureheads and others who are all on Twitter. By identifying and building a relationship with these people, your business can benefit greatly from word-of-mouth marketing.

We know your hashtags- do you? Hashtags are like little windows into a larger conversation. They show you what is popular on Twitter and in your industry.

Lastly, small businesses can connect to their local communities on Twitter in order to get in front of a local audience. Cab4Now looks after that too.

Would you like a social media strategy that really will put more passengers in your drivers’ cars? Then you can order below or contact us here if you have any questions.

We only work with one taxi company in each town or city with the exception of London so if we can’t help you because of this promise then there are other non industry specialists who may be able to help you.

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