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Carlyle Group/Addison Lee snap up London executive

The carlyle group have purchased the PH company London Executive to add to the ever growing Addison Lee portfolio which in the last couple of years has been bolstered by the addition of lewis day and west 1.

The worry here is if this policy of buying up London PH companies by the Carlyle Monster continues what options are there for PH Drivers in London ?

Topographical Skills Test

Who will survive ?

As The PH Trade changes in my opinion for the better in London and Work for all becomes harder to obtain is it possible some of the big PH companies in London may disappear?

if this does occur who do you think will survive ? id love to hear your views so post your comments on the site.


Time for PH Drivers to be Appreciated

Following on from my last post im hearing that Uber is still growing at a rate that is causing a major problem for other London PH Companies.

I now also hear that another Major new App is shortly going to be launched in London called “Bounce” a joint partnership i think from the founder of Climatecars and the guy who started another App called Kabbee.


£1,000 Sign On Bonus At Addison Lee

Sign up using the Cab4Now contact form from the top of this page and include your mobile number please.

This deal is only available to new drivers joining Addison Lee through

New minicab drivers will be paid £250 bonus per week for 4 weeks. Any queries please comment below.


The Rise of Uber How big a threat?

Everywhere i go at the moment drivers i meet are all talking about Uber the App that is taking London by storm.

On social media,in the cafes,and carwashes its all about Uber,so i ask can this app be a major game changer in the London private Hire trade?

Many guys i talk to are working with it and earning great money even without the surge pricing some use it full time others switch on if they are quiet with other clients.


The Law Commission Report

It seems that this long awaited report into the trade has been delayed again and may not be published before the summer.

So what, you may ask?

Well the danger is with all the delays it looks like it may not bcome Law before the next Election and may even be lost for good depending on the outcome of the election.

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